From: Jeff Anderson, President
The International Society Of Close Quarter Combatants (ISCQC)


Dear responsibly armed citizen,

This is going to scare the hell out of you… but it’s for your own good!

Imagine what it would be like to be locked up in prison

…never being there for your children’s or grandchildren’s birthday parties

…missing their school plays

…their wedding

…only getting to hold your family on “visitation day”, ending with a tearful goodbye

…all because some meth-addict criminal broke into your home to terrorize you and your loved ones and you shot him in 100% pure self defense!

Think it can’t happen to you?

No one ever does… until it’s too late!

That’s why I want you to pay very close attention because the DVD I’m about to tell you about can actually mean the difference between you sleeping in your nice warm bed at home…or on a cold hard mattress in a prison cell for the rest of your life.

You see, the harsh reality you’d better face right now is that…

Our Legal System Is NOT About “Justice”!

I know you’d like to think that the “good guy” always wins and the “bad guy” goes to prison (or the morgue).

But it’s just not that simple.

You must understand that even if some cockroach gangbanger storms into your home in the middle of the night to score some quick cash for his next fix… HE has rights too!

I know – it makes me sick to even say that. But it’s true.

And the police that respond to your 9-1-1 call have a responsibility to uphold the letter of the law, especially if shots are fired.

Even if they secretly admire you for ridding society of yet another scumbag criminal, you must understand that it’s their job to arrest you if they suspect that you didn’t follow the proper actions in order to stop the threat against your family.

Rather than feeling your comfort and reassurance that they’re now safe and sound and no one will hurt them…your loved ones will be forced to watch you leave your home in the back of a police car on your way to be fingerprinted, photographed, and booked into a jail cell as a criminal!

But the nightmare doesn’t stop there…

Your family will have to come up with bail money to get you out of jail… you’ll likely pay thousands of dollars in legal expenses… and you can even face a civil lawsuit from the criminal you shot (or his family) for “damages” you caused.

The financial and emotional toll can go on for years!

You could lose your job… your house… even your right to ever own a firearm again!

Even worse, your fate may lie in the hands of a jury who will decide whether you go home with your family… or face years behind bars among the animals of society you fought to protect them from in the first place.

If you’re still thinking that “this could never happen to me”, then consider this your wake-up call because…

One “Wrong Move” Is All It Takes
To Ruin The Rest Of Your Life!

It doesn’t matter how much terror you felt as your trembling hands leveled your gun on the bloodthirsty predator at the end of the hallway while your family huddled scared behind you.

The sad reality is that all it takes is one bad decision – one mistake – to sway a jury into handing you a “guilty” verdict

For example…

…You used the “wrong gun” to defend yourself

…You had the “wrong ammo” loaded

…You shot when you weren’t legally allowed to

…You said the “wrong words” to the cops

…You gave the “wrong impression” to the jury in court

The truth is, any one of these common slip-ups could seal your fate in a courtroom.

That’s why it kills me that so many gun owners think that simply owning a firearm and achieving a 2″ shot group at the range is all they need to protect themselves.

Not true!

As you now know, protecting yourself and your family doesn’t stop with pulling the trigger.

If you’d like to share your life with those you love rather than spend the rest of it in a prison cell, then you must have a full understanding of your rights and responsibilities – according to the law – when you’re forced to defend yourself with your firearm.

You owe it to them to acquire the little-known knowledge of how to protect yourself AFTER a lethal encounter.

if you own a firearm for personal and home defense, you have a responsibility – to society, to yourself, to your loved ones – to know not just how to fire it, but also your legal rights in a life-or-death encounter.


Don’t worry…I have an answer for you!

How The “Reasonable Man Theory
And This DVD Can Save
Your @$# In Court…

Here’s “inside information” that few gun owners ever realize…

Should you ever find yourself facing criminal charges in court for protecting yourself with your firearm, the prosecution’s argument will largely be based on what’s known as the “Reasonable Man Theory”.

Simply put, a jury will look at your actions based upon what a “reasonable and prudent man” would have done in the same circumstances knowing what he knew at the time of the incident.

Did you catch that?

It’s about the knowledge you possessed at that exact moment you pulled the trigger!

In other words, the prosecuting attorney may argue that you should go to prison because, even though the intruder was in your home, he was 30′ away, unarmed, and “not a threat”.

But what if you could prove to the jury – using surprising video footage contained in this DVD – that a man as far as 40′ away (or even more!) could be a lethal threat to you… even if he had no weapon?

That “proof” is what I want to offer you today…

In fact, the DVD I want to send you is loaded with the critical information you need to make a fast and legal shoot-don’t shoot decision… and back it up in court so the odds are stacked in your favor you’ll be found innocent of any wrong-doing.

And best of all… it’s only $7 (FREE Shipping & Handling)!

Bulletproof Defense DVDIntroducing
“Bulletproof Defense”!

This 1-hour DVD was co-created with a legendary researcher and firearms expert for one of the top combat training organizations in the country.

It’s goals are simple:

1. Save your life if you’re ever forced to use a firearm in self defense; and

2. Keep you out of prison by providing you with a foundational legal basis for your actions that are provable in court.

The importance of watching this DVD cannot be understated!

Just by simply watching the footage, you’ll be “programmed” with the knowledge you need to build a solid foundation for your split-second decision to protect yourself or those you love

In fact, here’s just a sample of what you’ll discover on this eye-opening, jam-packed DVD we’ll ship right to your door…

  • 50% of your fate lies in this one single factor in the court room. Screw this up and your chances of going home just got drastically slimmer!
  • The District Attorney’s sneakiest trick to make it illegal for you to ever own a firearm again! (So few gun owners ever see this coming and are unknowingly forced to give up their 2nd Amendment rights!)
  • How Clint Eastwood has brainwashed juries into handing out unfair “excessive force” guilty verdicts… and how you can make sure this never happens to you!
  • When is it “ok” to show your weapon in order to avoid an attack? The answer will surprise you and getting this wrong can land you in the slammer even if you never draw your weapon and point it at someone.
  • These 3 words used by legendary Wild West gunfighters will give you an “old school” lesson in the real life danger that’s killed too many men and women who thought they were safe!
  • How to know the exact moment to stop shooting so that witnesses will be on your side when you need them to testify in court.
  • Why 99% of all Defense Attorneys are wrong, wrong, wrongabout what you should tell the police when they show up to the scene of the shooting!(Warning: This is perhaps the most important lesson of this DVD and failing to follow our advice sent one father to prison for manslaughter for 9 years!)


This doesn’t even scratch the surface of all the important strategies you must acquire to become a truly responsible gun owner.

And don’t take the word “responsible” too lightly.

This DVD is what separates the “gun enthusiast” from the “smart survivalist“!

In fact…

If You Ignore Any One Of The
Tactical & Legal Strategies On This DVD
You Could Actually Put You And
Your Loved Ones In Even MORE Danger!

Yes, I said it… and it’s simply the truth.

If you’re not using the firearm we recommend… the type of ammo we demonstrate… consider the “pressure test” factors you’ll be judged on in court… you could end up in prison… or just plain dead!

No, I’m not questioning your level of training… just your tactical “common sense” because you’re going to be needed just as much AFTER a justified shooting as you were when you fired your gun to protect yourself.

That’s why we also added such life-saving secrets as…

  • The one sign “smart cops” are looking for in your report that will sway their decision to let you stay with your family or take you down to the station for a marathon interrogation session.
  • The 3 “tests” you must prove your actions against when sitting on the witness stand. If you fail even just ONE of these factors, you fate could be sealed!
  • The absolute worst advice ever given by firearms experts about actions to take after you’ve shot and killed a home invader. (You’ve probably heard this advice a million times… and it will severely threaten your chances of being found innocent – even if you acted in 100% self defense!)
  • A simple “fruit test” you can use with your chosen defense weapon that will reveal its true stopping power against a violent attacker! (You’re going to have a “blast” with this fun drill!)
  • Attention: All Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) Permit holders – YOU are even more at risk of being found guilty than the Average Joe! We’ll explain why you need to be extra careful.
  • The critical question you must ask your local law enforcement as soon as you finish watching this one section of the DVD. (Hint: It has to do with what they’re packing!)


Bottom line is that this DVD will truly open your eyes to the harsh reality of our legal system and how to prepare for your own defense if you’re ever putting your fate in the hands of a jury.!

But Here’s The “Catch”…

You Actually Fire A Single Shot
Or It Will Do You No Good In Court!

Remember, the “Reasonable Man Theory” dictates that your decision to shoot happened as a result of what you knew at the time you pulled the trigger not after!

You must convince a jury that you had no choice but to shoot because you knew for a fact that your life was in jeopardy.

The fact that even an unarmed intruder can close the distance and attack you from 30 or more feet away in a split second may be true…

…but you must show the court that you actually KNEW that at the time that predator was charging toward you – knife in hand!

Don’t take this burden of proof lightly…

I know it sounds crazy… but that’s the law – and you will be held accountable for your actions based upon every single letter of it.

That’s why it’s so critical that you claim your “Bulletproof” DVD right now!

The sooner you watch this footage, the more prepared you’ll be TODAY.

But now you’re probably asking yourself…

“Why Is This DVD Only $7?”

You’re probably wondering why we would let such an important DVD go for such a small price, right?

Fair enough question. We have 3 reasons actually…

We at the ISCQC feel that EVERY SINGLE GUN OWNER absolutely must have a copy of this DVD! We’re tired of hearing stories of honest men and women being yanked from their loved ones because some cockroach criminal targeted them and they fought back in self defense. Making the DVD only $7 (FREE Shipping & Handling!) makes this a “no-brainer” for every gun owner to accept their responsibility to those they love and protect!

Charging just $7 (FREE Shipping & Handling!) allows you to say you “bought” the DVD.Call it semantics, but we felt that if you told the court that your tactical knowledge came from a “free DVD”, it would sound weird and lack substance. Even though we’re only charging $7 (FREE Shipping & Handling!), you can at least claim that you “bought” your training DVD… and no one has to know what you really paid for it, right?And finally…

We consider this DVD a “filter” for locating serious survivalists! Don’t take this the wrong way, but anyone can sign up for a “free” DVD. So if you’re not willing to invest just one measly dollar and a small shipping and handling fee on something so critical to protecting yourself and your family, then you’re not really someone we’re looking to network with and we’d rather just part ways now.No hard feelings… we just believe in connecting with like-minded, family-oriented gun owners like ourselves and if that’s not you, then you’re welcome to click away right now and ignore this special deal.


Claim Your DVD Now And We’ll Also Throw In This Special “Super BonusAbsolutely FREE!

We’re so excited about the release of the “Bulletproof” DVD that we decided to offer you this special bonus report absolutely free!

It’s called “Advanced Stopping Power Secrets” and it’s jam-packed with real-world facts that even the most experienced gun owners don’t know about their own weapons.

But you’ll soon see that there’s no denying the facts you’ll discover!

Just click the button below and you’ll find it ready for instant access once you tell us where to send your DVD!

Unwrap the package that arrives at your door…

Slip it into your DVD player…

Watch it from beginning to end….

And if you’re not blown away by not only the life-saving personal and home defense tips it contains… but also the LEGAL protection this knowledge now grants you…

…then I want you DEMAND your money back!

It’s as simple as that.

That’s how confident I am that you’ll be shocked at what you DON’T know about your legal rights and tactical “shoot-don’t shoot” beliefs and I’m dead serious about this guarantee.

You simply can’t go wrong.

When I say that “this DVD may save your life”, I mean that quite literally.

But not just by giving you access to “man-stopping secrets” that few gun owners ever get to see.

No… I also care about your rights to protect yourself and loved ones without having to worry about the threat of getting sent to prison for years and abandoning those you love.

You never know when danger will slap you across the face so please… I beg you… do NOT waste any time.

Order your “Bulletproof Defense” DVD now and be take care of your responsibility to those who count on you for protection!

Yours in survival,

Jeff Anderson


The International Society Of Close Quarter Combatants

P.S. The jury will hear the prosecuting attorney’s argument about how you broke the law…

He’ll try to prove that you used “excessive force” to stop some poor criminal who was a victim of a bad childhood or drug addiction.

He’ll argue that you’re some “gun nut” who was just itching for the chance to shoot someone.

He’ll say “you should have known better”.

And you know what…he’ll be right!

That’s why you need to order this $7 (FREE Shipping & Handling!) DVD now so you’ll know how to lay out your foundational legal backing to successfully defend your actions in court!